Homer and Cristina Ladas Seminar, Asheville, NC

“Sacadas; a Deep Exploration”
A seminar style event focused on finding opportunities, refining technique and integrating leader and follower sacadas for the social dance floor.

SPECIAL GUEST instructors
Cristina and Homer Ladas!

Friday, May 8- Sunday, May 10 in Asheville, NC
For experienced dancers

Cristina and Homer will share with us their secrets and perspectives for executing sacadas that are comfortable and safe on the social dance floor, that work well and feel great! This theme will be our focus during the entire event, demonstrated and practiced through every workshop. We will progressively explore each class topic, using a movement or sequence for structure, giving us the opportunity to work deep into the subtleties of connection, flow and communication, while refining proper technique, timing and precision.

Workshops will be limited to 20 couples.
This will allow for more individual attention for all participants.

For Registration and all inquiries
Contact Karen Jaffe- kjsummit@hotmail.com

At French Broad MLC-90 Biltmore Av
No partner needed
Friday (May 8)
7:30p-9p Intermediate
“Forward Sacadas from Forward Ochos”
What makes a Forward Ocho “flow” and feel “juicy” for both lead and follow? Pivot? Torsion? Elastic Embrace? Timing? All of the above! Good forward ochos = Good forward sacadas. In this class we will explore the quality of the forward ocho,both from the leader’s and follower’s perspectives. The goal is to realize that the success of forward sacadas comes from a successful forward ocho….
9p- 12a practilonga (open to public) Homer Djs ($10 at door) BYOB

At 11 Grove St
Workshops for Couples ONLY
Saturday (May 9)
12p- 1:30p INT/ADV “Sacada Foundations” – Working inside the turn Sacada Foundations – There is a very close (but inverse) relationship between leader’s and follower’s sacadas. Both are based on the turn but by manipulating the order of execution we get one or the other. This class will start off by developing the lead and follow technique for communicating the turn and then examine it’s relationship to leader’s and follower’s sacadas.
1:30p-2:30p- CLOSED PRACTICE
2:30p-4p ADV “Refining the Back Sacada” Follower’s Back Sacada v. Leader’s Back Sacada. Is one more easy or difficult than the other? Can we still do them in a crowded dance floor? Can we skip the “back ocho” and just do the back Sacada? We will try to answer these few questions in this class and try go further with our understanding of the movement with the hope of “de mystifying” it.
4-4:30p- practica/closing

Saturday night; OPEN TO PUBLIC
8:30p- 9:30p All Level “The Walking Turn and other Oddities” all level/ no partner needed
9:30p-2am- Elegant Milonga at 11 Grove
Special Guest DJ TBA
Performance at 11:30p
Snacks, deserts and water included

Sunday (May 10)
1;30p- 3p Special Topic #1
4p-5:30p Special Topic #2
5:30p-6p practica/closing

Based on the progression of the group and the level of the dancers, Homer and Cristina will present what they feel will best serve the group. Possibilities may include;
Sacada Gancho/Wrap Connection, With/Against Sacadas

Pricing prepaid by April 22

Individual workshops w/practica – $75. each/ per couple
3 or more workshops – $70. each/ per couple
Registration for Friday workshop includes practilonga
Individual for Fri workshop/practilonga- $50

Seminar weekend pass (All events Sat /Sun)
$345. per couple (7hrs of classes, milonga and practicas)

SPECIAL SAT pm class + milonga package- $35 per person

FRI practilonga $10pp

FULL PACKAGE – Friday- Sunday ALL INCLUSIVE- $395/couple
(8.5 hrs class, all practices + Sat milonga)

check or paypal
Refunds: If you have completed an early registration, we can refund the full payment for the events that you will not be able to attend before the early registration deadline.(April 22). We will refund 50% of your payment after the early registration deadline (April 22), if you inform us 24 hours before the event is held. Otherwise there will be NO REFUND. You must contact Karen at (828)-215-1177
100% payment refunded if the organizer cancels the event.
(A 10% usage fee will apply for all Paypal refunds)
A wait list is being created for Privates. Depending on their time and energy- Homer and Cristina will decide how many privates, if any, they will teach. $110/hour + floor fee


Important note from Homer, Cristina and Karen- In an effort to keep everyone informed; Classes will be true to level. What does that mean?
Friday- for Intermediate dancers- We are talking about those of you who have taken consistent classes, practiced and danced at least a year. Typically 1- 5 years of experience describes an Intermediate dancer. Though individual experiences vary greatly depending on circumstances of frequency, community, teachers and ability.
Saturday and Sunday. The COUPLES ONLY seminar weekend will be truly Intermediate/Advanced!!
It is the intention of the weekend seminar that all students come pre-registered with a partner and stay together for the entire process of learning. From time-to-time, however, we will rotate/exchange partners to add balance and to verify our growth through the weekend… Please be prepared to work hard, but as always, to have fun!
If you have any question about if a class is right for you, please feel free to contact Karen to dialog and determine if the class will be a “good fit” for you. Generally speaking it is beneficial to push the envelope of the learning curve, and try a class that may be a bit above the level you are, but this is also a delicate balance, as one can quickly become overwhelmed if the class is well beyond the scope of understanding of the dancer.
We plan to follow a linear progressive path for each class, but the slope is very high. Less experienced folks will get the first part of the class, but likely somewhere along the line we may surpass their abilities – in which case they can continue to work on previous material.

Bring your video cameras. We will conduct thorough reviews aka a “Didactic Quiz & Demo” after each class! We will ask you to find a “buddy” couple, for videotaping the class material, during the practice between and after each workshop. Homer and Cristina believe in the value of recording oneself while the material of the class is still so fresh in both the mind and the body. It doesn’t matter so much if it’s not “perfect”, this “practice” is very helpful in retention as well as tracking progress as time goes by.

For Registration and all inquiries
Contact Karen Jaffe- kjsummit@hotmail.com

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