Salsa & Tango – Saturday, November 21st

This month BlueTango is fusing tango & salsa! With one entrance enjoy dancing on two floors: dance to your favorite tunes with your favorite dance style, and get the opportunity to learn a new dance, and make new friends.

Triangle Dance Studios
2603 S. Miami Blvd.
Durham, NC 27703


Upstairs studio:
8-9pm : Intro lesson: Tango for salsa dancers
9pm-12 : Dancing to salsa music. DJs: Abuelo Salsero Jack Wolf

Downstairs studio:
8-9pm : Intro lesson: Salsa for tango dancers
9pm-12 : Dancing to tango music. DJ: Jae Youn

ENTRANCE: $8 OR get in for free in exchange for helping us out at the door for one hour! Post HERE if you want to volunteer.