Newport New, VA – 9-hour Intensive Seminar with Daniela and Luis + Pre-Seminar Workshop (April 8th – April 10th)


“Stay grounded, but learn how to float. Dance with fluidity, but learn how to interrupt and redirect the flow when the music asks for a surprise.”

We invite everyone to an intensive seminar inspired by the four elements: earth, air, water, fire, where we will explore individual and connection techniques to lend new qualities of movement to our dance.

The seminar is progressive. We will start from basic principles of posture, core, walking and build on this gradually to arrive at a a dance that makes use of the full palette of physical sensations.


Friday, April 8th 8-9:30pm
Pre-Seminar Workshop: Master the Milonga! Tips and Tricks for Dancing Milonga with Ease and Confidence

Saturday and Sunday, April 9th and 10th: Intensive Seminar

Saturday, April 9th 1:30-3:30pm: Earth
Learning how to stay grounded and stable throughout the dance. Connecting to the floor and to the partner through the floor.

Saturday, April 9th 4-6pm: Air
Learning how to change the density of the walk to create moments of floatingness. Combining this new quality with grounded moments.

Sunday, April 10th 1:30-3:30pm: Water
Learning how to use physical principles to make our movements fluid, both individually and in connection with our partner.

Sunday, April 10th 4-6pm: Fire
Learning how to interrupt the flow of movement in different ways to create interesting dynamics. Using elasticy, rebounds and oppositions in a gentle way.

Sunday, April 3rd 6-7pm: Guided Practica
Putting in practice the concepts learned during the weekend, integrating them with your very own dance.

Please check out this link for student feedback on our previous seminars:!student-reviews/c8v4


The seminar is progressive and intended to be taken as a whole unit. So, priority will be given to those who sign up for the full seminar. If some spots remain available, partial registrations will be accepted for couples only. Couples attending only certain parts will not be able to rotate with those attending the full seminar.

Pre-seminar workshop: $25, drop-in only
Seminar: $160 until April 3rd, $180 afterward
Partial registrations: $50/1 session, $95/2 sessions

Please send a message to Daniela or Andy on Facebook or an email to to register.


145 Herman Melville Ave, Newport News, Virginia 23606