Tango Immersion Workshop and Milonga: Saturday (August 20th)


This Saturday on August 20th, Ozlem and Dmitri will host a milonga a Triangle Dance Studio as part of Tango Immersion-II workshops.  The workshops are free including the one for experienced dancers at night.


Triangle Dance Studio (Back Studio),
2603 S. Miami Blvd,
Durham, NC 27703


1 pm – 1.50 pm Kickstart Your Tango (Jordan Jewel)
The walk, the connection, and the embrace to get you started dancing tango.

1.50pm – 2.40 pm Close Embrace (John Singletary)
Advance the way you connect with your partner for a comfortable, and musical walk in a close embrace. Improve your ability to move fluidly between close and open embraces.
2.40pm – 3.30 pm Pivots & Turns (Alicia & Eduardo)
Play with dynamics through the use of pivots and turns.TANGO IMMERSION II
We will also offer a free workshop prior to the milonga at night to those who took the Tango Immersion (on June 4th or August 20th) or Tangueros who want to advance their tango:8-9:30 pm The next level (Dmitri & Ozlem, Cecil, Murielle): Tango etiquette, technique and musicality to bring elegance and playfulness to your dance, and enjoy dancing all night at milonga.
Cover for Milonga: $10

Please register at: https://goo.gl/forms/yl0IYIFz8VweaZ473