Posting requirements

If you have a local event you would like to announce on our Triangle Tango’s website, please follow these guideline, and send email to

When you meet these guidelines, we will post your event on this website.

  1. Our mission is to promote Argentine  Tango. There fore, all events must be related to Argentine Tango. Events for other forms of dance, including American or International Tango and other Latin dances will not be posted on this website unless the event includes Argentine Tango in the mix.
  2. We do not post class information. If you have a class to announce, please send us the website URL and/or email and name for contact to We will post it on the Classes under Community
  3. We will need the following details : description of the event, date, time, price, location, contact info, and organization’s website if available.


We have birthday tango milonga.

Date: Jan. 31st. 2014
Time: 9pm-1am
Price: $5
Location: [address]
Contact info:

Please note that we post local events (Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill) on the front page. Events happening outside of these three areas may be posted in the Regional Tango Events page.

Also, please note that we have yahoo group that will allow you to send email to community members. Follow this link.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!