Not Your Typical Tango Workshop

Somatics for Dancers:

Let’s Walk! Biomechanics and Experiential Anatomy of Walking

Wednesdays, 8-9pm January 6th-January 27th

Celestine Yoga and Movement Arts

$48 for 4-week series

The foundation of Tango and most other dance forms is walking – shifting weight from one support to another.  How many steps do you take in a day? a year? a lifetime?

In my own body, learning more about walking has helped correct fallen arches, knee pain, and lower back pain in addition to making me a stronger, more graceful dancer.  I am thrilled to introduce others to the powerful study of our most basic and influential pattern of movement. – Toni Craige

…This class is highly recommended for anyone who walks!

Paying more attention to your walk can help you:

  • Resolve many physical pain issues, especially of the foot, knee, hip, and back.

  • Gain ease and grace in your dancing.

  • Live mindfully connected to the earth.

There is much to learn!  Some areas of focus will be:

  • Learning about anatomy of the bones, muscles and connective tissues of the foot, leg, hip, and spine through touch and movement.

  • Understanding the way that the spine responds to the side-to-side weight shifts in walking.

  • Slow, meditative practice to build awareness and new patterns of movement.

Experiential work on how different walks cultivate different states of mind and possibilities for moving through the world.

***Since there are cumulative elements to the material, students are strongly encouraged to take the entire 4 week series. If this is not possible, please contact the instructor and we can make arrangements for doing drop-ins for $15 or one class-card punch.
About the instructor:  Toni Craige is a Raleigh native with a lifetime of experience working with and through the body.  She majored in dance in college, has a private massage therapy practice, teaches contact improvisation dance, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling.


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